The Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is led by a director, a deputy director, a chief executive officer and team of associate center directors representing all aspects of the Center. A Cancer Clinical Enterprise Committee oversees strategy and decision-making for the clinical operations of the center. Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is also guided by a volunteer community Board of Overseers and external scientific advisory board.

Associate Center Directors & Other Key Leaders

  • Carlos Arteaga, M.D.
    Leader, Breast Cancer Specialized Program of Research Excellence
    Donna S. Hall Chair in Breast Cancer
    American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor
    Professor of Medicine and Cancer Biology
  • Dan Beauchamp, M.D.
    Associate Director for Clinical/Translational Programs
    John Clinton Foshee Distinguished Professor of Surgery
    Chair of the Section of Surgical Sciences
  • Bill Blot, Ph.D.
    Associate Director for Cancer Prevention, Control and Population-based Research
  • Robert Coffey, M.D.
    Ingram Professor of Cancer Research
    Prof Med (GI/Med Oncology) & Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Carol Eck
    Administrator, Cancer Patient Care Center
  • Debra L. Friedman, M.D.
    Interim Director, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology
    Interim Director, Vanderbilt Childhood Cancer Program
  • Scott Hiebert, Ph.D.
    Associate Director for Basic Research
  • Beth Jones, M.A.
    Executive Director of Development
  • Mark Kelley, M.D.
    Director, Division of Surgical Oncology
  • Mark Magnuson, Ph.D.
    Director, Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology
    Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
    Professor of Medicine
    Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology
  • Arnold Malcolm, M.D.
    Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Susan Mills
    Associate Director for Cancer Center Support Grant Administration and Research Initiatives
  • Ann Richmond, Ph.D.
    Associate Director for Research Education
  • Xiao-Ou Shu, M.D., Ph.D.
    Associate Director of Global Health
    Ingram Professor of Cancer Research
    Professor of Medicine (Epidemiology)
  • Sandi Studans, B.A.
    Assistant Director, Strategic Marketing
  • Anne Washburn, M.P.H.
    Associate Director for Patient and Community Education

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