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Why Choose Us

When you are faced with a cancer diagnosis, what you do first can make a big difference. Getting the right diagnosis, choosing the right treatment options, working with the right team for you and your family all are critical steps. A cancer diagnosis is serious and frightening, but with rare exception, you have time to explore your options. Today, more people are cancer survivors than ever before, and many more are living meaningful lives in spite of their disease.

Personalized Approach to Cancer Care

There is no such thing as a "generic cancer." Each cancer is different and each patient is unique.

That's why we have put together a comprehensive team of cancer specialists who bring their skills and experience to your case so you can get the best possible diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

As world renowned leaders in precision medicine, we combine science and technology to understand cancer at a molecular level. This means that even your genetic make-up can plan an important role in determining which cancer treatment options are best suited for you.

We also believe it is important to treat more than the disease itself. We treat the whole person, offering a wide range of wellness and support services, including the regions only Survivorship Clinic that focuses on your well-being after treatment is complete.

Collaboration and Leadership

We don't compete with the leading cancer centers; we get referrals from them. Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is proud to be among the leading cancer centers in the nation. We are one of 49 centers in the U.S. that is designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the worlds foremost authority on cancer. We are the only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Tennessee that treats all cancer types and patients of all ages.

Since 2007, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center has been a member of National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN). This network of the worlds leading cancer centers have joined together to develop the guidelines for care that other oncologists follow and to improve the effectiveness and quality of care for patients worldwide.

Cancer Centers that are selected as part of these elite groups consult with each other and, when a patients case suggests it, refer to one another. After all, cancer is the competition. And our priority is the best possible outcome for every patient.

Learn more about our designations and accreditations.

Breakthrough Research

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) puts its money where it sees hope. As part of the National Institutes of Health, the NCI invests in those scientists and cancer centers from where it believes the cures for cancer will come. Our research team is among the top 10 in the country awarded competitive NCI funding to support our work. With today's advances in cancer research, access to innovative research and clinical trials is an important part of cancer treatment. Receiving your care at a progressive center that focuses on research as well as clinical care offers many benefits.

Experts in Your Health and Wellness

Cancer patients often don't just have cancer. They may have other health problems, some of which may further be impacted by cancer and the necessary therapies to treat it. As part of a comprehensive academic medical center, we offer a full range of specialties and health professionals. Our medical teams work collaboratively and are connected by one of the nations most advanced electronic medical record systems. A secure and convenient patient portal, My Health At Vanderbilt, allows you to message your doctor, review your tests and lab results, and pay your bills. We also consider your referring provider a key partner in your care team.

Learn more about My Health at Vanderbilt

Above all, we're here to help you make our best, most informed decision. Please visit our Making Cancer Choices section for guidance and resources.


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