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Research Advantage

As part of a research center, the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center offers a depth and breadth of expertise simply not found in community-based hospitals. It is in research-focused cancer centers where most of the breakthroughs in treatment are being made.

At research-focused cancer centers like Vanderbilt-Ingram, you'll find:

  • a team of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals motivated to keep learning, expanding their knowledge and improving their skills;
  • faculty and staff who are leaders in their fields, setting the bar for others in the community through their research;
  • an environment where questioning and collaboration with other experts is valued where 10 heads are better than one
  • leading specialists in all cancers, from the more common to the rare;
  • development of the latest protocols and standards known as evidence-based medicine;
  • availability of a broad-range of innovative therapies through clinical trials, many unavailable in a community hospital
  • the latest and most sophisticated equipment and technology

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