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About The Quantitative Sciences Shared Resource

The Quantitative Sciences Shared Resource (QSSR) is the product of a merge between the Biostatistics Shared Resource and the bioinformatics service component of the Genomic Sciences Shared Resource to combine statistical and bioinformatic services and support in a single shared resource. The QSSR provides assistance with statistical and bioinformatic aspects of experiment design, sample size estimation and study power analysis, data acquisition and database development, and interpretation of findings. We also assist with bioinformatic analysis of genomic and proteomic data including high-throughput technology, collaboration on presentation of results, and development of new statistical and bioinformatic methods/procedures as required by specific projects. During the past grant cycle, the growth of the shared resource has stabilized at an ideal size with 15 faculty and 29 staff. Over the past five years, the QSSR has served at least 210 different VICC investigators from all of the research programs. More than 65 investigator-initiated clinical trials have been designed; nearly 300 manuscripts have been published; more than 150 abstracts have been delivered at professional meetings; more than 400 clinical protocols have been reviewed; and more than 60 quantitative sciences workshops/seminars have been provided to members of the Cancer Center. The shared resource has provided biostatistics & bioinformatics core support to five Specialized Center Grants, including three SPOREs (P50), five Program Project Grants (P01), five Specialized Center Cooperative Agreement Grants (U54), eleven Research Project Cooperative Agreement Grants (U01), two Resource-Related Research Projects Cooperative Agreement Grants (U24), and three Center Core Grants (P30). The quality of the biostatistical and bioinformatic support provided by this shared resource has been recognized with “Exceptional” scores (i.e. “10”) on core reviews from several SPOREs and P01 Summary Statements. Thus, this resource has provided and will continue to provide to Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center investigators the high quality of services that have been established over the past 20 years.


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