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Your Pre-Transplant Evaluation and Consultations

With this initial physician consultation and your paperwork all in place, your nurse practitioner will contact you to explain and schedule your pre-transplant evaluation, which is done over two days at the Blood and Marrow Transplant Program office. During these two days, you will receive any tests or other evaluations ordered by your physician in preparation for transplantation.

Priority List

Patients are placed on the priority list as soon as they meet the following criteria:

  1. Approved in the weekly New Patient Meeting as an appropriate transplant candidate
  2. Insurance benefits verified to make sure a transplant at Vanderbilt is covered
  3. A donor is identified if necessary
  4. Disease is under control

Patients who have donor cells available and no mitigating health issues generally can begin the preparation steps for the transplant process within two weeks of being placed on the priority list.

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Social Worker Assistance

During your pre-transplant evaluation you will meet with a social worker who will help you determine if you need further assistance dealing with common emotional or family issues that often come into play when a person undergoes transplantation. Some common issues patients confront are arranging for child care during extended parental absences and choosing the adult who will be legally responsible for making medical and financial decisions if such a designee is needed. The social worker also will assist with such concerns as housing for you and your caregiver/companion during your stay in Nashville, and education about medical and personal care outside the hospital.

Financial Evaluator Assistance

The financial evaluator who has been assigned to your case also will meet with you to discuss the requirements of your insurance provider and the coverage provided for all aspects of your transplantation treatment. This one-on-one discussion lets our patients know exactly what to expect in terms of financial commitments for their treatment, which can provide a much appreciated peace-of-mind as the transplant journey progresses. Since transplantation is very costly, this initial step of evaluating all the costs and making a financial plan is important. Your assigned financial evaluator will be available to you throughout your treatment and recovery to address any questions or concerns about insurance coverage, fundraising or other financing issues.

To learn more about transplant financing issues, see:

Assistance Finding a Donor

If you need to seek blood or marrow cells from an unrelated donor for your transplantation, you will be assigned a clinic coordinator who specializes in this area to assist in this process. Your two-day pre-transplant evaluation will not be scheduled until a blood or marrow donor is located. Unrelated donors are sought through the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). A Vanderbilt NMDP coordinator will assist you with financial issues related to a donor search and will be available to address any questions and concerns you may have throughout this process.

To learn more about finding a donor, see: