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Housing in Nashville During Your Treatment and Recovery

Your social worker will help you locate the best housing for you and your caregiver/companion while you are in Nashville preparing for and recovering from transplantation. The social worker also will help you determine sources of financing for your stay – whether through your insurance or otherwise – during this period.

The length of your stay in Nashville after your transplantation will depend on a variety of factors related to your particular case. In the first phase of transplantation recovery, patients who are not hospitalized must live within 10 minutes of Vanderbilt with a caregiver/companion to ensure medical support is nearby if emergency treatment is needed. These patients will have daily appointments at the Outpatient Transplant Unit initially; the schedule will taper down as their condition becomes stabilized.

This early recovery period will vary in length according to your specific treatment and condition. Patients who receive autologous transplants – using the patient’s own cells – generally have to remain in Nashville for about 30 days. Patients who receive allogeneic transplants – using cells from a donor – may need to live near Vanderbilt for three months or more.