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Long-term Recovery After Transplant

Recovery from transplantation varies from patient to patient. It may be a year or more before patients are able to resume a normal routine, and some experience setbacks that require hospitalization or other intensive intervention.

One of the most challenging conditions that sometimes develops is graft-versus-host disease, during which the new stem cells launch an immune system attack on the patients’ organs and/or tissues. This condition often resolves with treatment over time, but some patients experience it as a chronic, long-term condition (see Medical issues during long-term recovery for more information).

When you are discharged, you will be able to receive follow-up care from your hometown physician or cancer specialist. The Vanderbilt-Ingram Blood and Marrow Transplant Program provides a manual to help these physicians with this process. Our staff always is ready and willing to answer any questions you or your doctor have at any time.

You may elect to receive your follow-up care at Vanderbilt-Ingram’s long-term care clinic, one of just a few in the Southeast established specifically for post-transplant patients. If you receive your follow-up care elsewhere, we suggest that you return to Vanderbilt-Ingram at least annually for a follow-up assessment.

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