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Other Information on Health

A word about reliable nutrition information, Complementary and Alternative nutrition therapies, and diets to “cure” cancer.

A diagnosis of cancer can be overwhelming. While trying to deal with many emotions, persons with cancer can also become overwhelmed with all of the new information received from doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. It is common for persons with cancer to receive various types of advice from well-meaning friends and family members. Other sources of information and advice come from the news media, magazines, the Internet, and TV commercials. Persons with cancer can become confused about the various, and often conflicting, types of advice they are exposed to.

What is the risk of receiving unreliable health information or advice?

It can prevent someone from receiving traditional and accepted cancer treatments that have been shown, through scientific research, to be effective. It may cause someone who is receiving traditional cancer treatment to take part in dangerous unproved treatments that can make standard cancer treatments less effective, or even dangerous.

Nutrition information on the Internet

The Internet is a double edged sword. It’s the source of unproven, potentially harmful treatments as well as very reliable health information. Before following advice you get from the Internet talk to a Registered Dietitian who can evaluate the information you find and what it means for you. He or she can also provide a list of web sites that contain reliable information.