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Gastroenterology Clinic

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Division of Gastroenterology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2215B Garland Avenue
Room 1030C, MRB IV
Nashville, TN 37232-0252


Vanderbilt Digestive Disease Research Center

The DDRC is a multidisciplinary center at Vanderbilt University Medical Center developed to serve the following purposes:

  • To promote digestive diseases-related research in an integrative, collaborative and multidisciplinary manner
  • To enhance the basic research capabilities of established DDRC investigators
  • To attract investigators not involved in digestive diseases-related research to pursue these lines of investigation
  • To develop and implement programs for training and establishment of young investigators in digestive diseases-related research
  • To facilitate the transfer of basic research findings to the clinical area

Research Base

DDRC Investigators are faculty members who have research programs with a digestive disease component. Associate Member status is awarded to attract young investigators into the field of digestive disease research by supporting pilot projects and allowing them some utilization of the DDRC core facilities. There is also a designated trainee status for persons training in digestive disease research. The areas of interest are: 1) GI physiology and metabolism, 2) maintenance of epithelial integrity, 3) regulation of growth, proliferation and apoptosis, and 4) enteric neuroscience.

Research Cores

The DDRC provides research support for its center investigators and affiliated faculty through research cores. These facilities provide digestive disease investigators with the latest advancements in technology and aid in experimental design. The cores are 1) Cellular and animal modeling core, 2) Cell imaging core, 3) Microarray core, and 4) Bioanalytical/mass spectrometry core.

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