Clinical Trial COGALTE03N1


Key Adverse Events after Childhood Cancer

Principal Investigator(s)

Debra Friedman


  • Protocol No. COGALTE03N1
  • Open Date: 04/20/2005
  • Staging: NA
  • Age Group: Children
  • Scope: National
  • Objective: To identify key adverse events developing in patients (cases) with a primary cancer diagnosed at age 21 or younger. To characterize the key adverse events with respect to the nature of the primary malignancy (pathology, stage) and coded details of therapeutic protocol. To identify treatment-related and demograpahic risk factors through a direct comparison of the case-group and controls identified from the remaining patients with the same primary diagnosis.
  • Disease Sites: Miscellaneous; Pediatrics
  • Therapies: Correlative
  • Drugs: None Specified
  • Participating Institutions: Vanderbilt University
  • National Clinical Trial ID: NCT00082745
  • Secondary Protocol No: ALTE03N1



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