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VICC toll-free number 1-877-936-8422

Vanderbilt-Ingram Service for Timely Access (V-ISTA)

The Vanderbilt-Ingram Service for Timely Access (V-ISTA) program helps in the process of scheduling new patient appointments and helps new patients connect with the appropriate clinical trials at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center.

V-ISTA is staffed by nurses and ancillary staff with expertise in cancer care and research. The nurses work with the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Central Access Center schedulers to ensure new patients are placed with appropriate providers in a timely fashion. 

Prior to your first appointment, V-ISTA staff will request and review all appropriate outside medical records, including imaging CDs and pathology slides, to make sure all records needed for the first appointment are available and to determine your potential eligibility to participate in any ongoing clinical trials.

For more information about cancer clinical trials at Vanderbilt-Ingram or to refer a patient to a specific clinical trial, including Phase I trials, call 1-800-811-8480.​​