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Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer CenterVanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center


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Department: Pharmacology

Note: These departmental listings are only for people affiliated with Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. For more information about the department, please see the website for Pharmacology.

  • Barnett, Joey V., Ph.D.
    Acting Chair, Department of Pharmacology; Professor of Medicine (Clinical Pharmacology), ; Professor of Pharmacology, Professor of Pediatrics,; Professor of Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology; Researcher
    Phone: 615-936-1722
  • Boutaud, Olivier, Ph.D.
    Research Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Biochemistry; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-7398
  • Brash, Alan R., Ph.D.
    Professor of Pharmacology; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-4495
  • Brown, H. Alex, Ph.D.
    Bixler-Johnson-Mayes Professor of Pharmacology; Researcher
    Phone: 615-936-3888
  • Brown, Nancy J., M.D.
    Chair, Department of Medicine; Hugh J. Morgan Professor of Medicine; Professor of Pharmacology; Physician-in-Chief; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-8701
  • Elefteriou, Florent, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology; Assistant Professor of Medicine (Pharmacology); Researcher
    Phone: 615-322-7975
  • Emeson, Ronald B., Ph.D.
    Associate Professor; Researcher
    Phone: 615-936-1688
  • Fesik, Stephen W., Ph.D.
    Orrin H. Ingram, II Professor of Cancer Research; Professor of Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Chemistry; Researcher
    Phone: 615-322-6303
  • Hachey, David L., Ph.D.
    Professor of Pharmacology, Biochemistry; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-8382
  • Hamm, Heidi, Ph.D.
    Aileen M. Lange and Annie Mary Lyle Chair in Cardiovascular Research; Professor of Pharmacology, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-3533
  • Hande, Kenneth R., M.D.
    Professor of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology); Professor of Medicine Pharmacology; Medical Oncologist
    Phone: 615-936-8422
  • Harth, Eva, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Chemistry
    Phone: 615-343-3405
  • Roberts, L. Jackson, M.D.
    William Stokes Professor of Experimental Therapeutics; Professor of Medicine; Professor of Pharmacology (Clinical Pharmacology); Researcher
    Phone: 615-322-3203
  • Sanders-Bush, Elaine, Ph.D.
    Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry, Emerita; Researcher
    Phone: 615-936-1685
  • Schneider, Claus, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacology; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-9539
  • Wadzinski, Brian E., Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Pharmacology; Researcher
    Phone: 615-343-2080
  • Waterson, Alex G., Ph.D.
    Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, Chemistry; Researcher
    Phone: 615-936-3881