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Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer CenterVanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center


Alexander Zaika, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Cancer Biology
Associate Professor of Surgery (Surgical Oncology)
Assistant Professor of Cancer Biology

Contact Information:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
1255 Light Hall
Nashville , TN 37232-2733
Fax: 615-343-1355

Research Specialty

Molecular Mechanisms of Tumorigenesis, p53 protein family

Research Description

p53 protein family, which consists of p53, p63 and p73, plays a pivotal role in regulation of multiple cellular mechanisms including apoptosis, cell cycle control and DNA damage repair. We are interested in understanding the molecular and cellular machinery that underlie the functions of these proteins. Although the role of p53 in human studies is relatively well studied, less is known about p73 and p63. Our analyses demonstrated that p73 and p63 family interact with each-other and these interactions play a critical role in human tumorigenesis. Our data also suggest that these proteins are strongly involved in a response to anticancer curative treatment. We are using a number of different in vitro and in vivo techniques to examine the role of the p53 protein family in cancer development and progression.