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Eric G. Neilson, M.D.

Hugh J. Morgan Professor of Medicine and Cell & Developmental Biology
Chair, Department of Medicine
VICC Member

Contact Information:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
D-3100 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232-2358


  • M.D. - University of Alabama at Birmingham, 1975
  • Fellowship - University of Pennsylvania Hospital, 1980
  • Fellowship - University of Pennsylvania Hospital, 1979
  • Residency - University of Pennsylvania Health System, 1978
  • Internship - University of Pennsylvania Health System, 1976


Research Description

The principal goal of my research is to understand the nephritogenic immune response in autoimmune renal disease. This research runs the gamut of immunologic mechanisms to understanding the development or organ fibrogenesis and cellular transdifferentiation.

Our studies critically analyze the immunogenetic and interactional events surrounding T cell activation, effector T cell differentiation, immune modulation of renal tubular cells and fibroblasts in anti-basement membrane diseases, and with this understanding, develop experimental strategies which can attenuate the expression of renal injury. We have a particularly active interest in the cell fate of fibroblasts during fibrogenesis in transgenic mice.

More recently we have gotten interested in how breast cancer cells use the same programs when they metastasize.

We use trangenic and knockin mice, cell sorting, biochemical methosds of protein identification, molecular cloning and mutagenesis, as well as cell culture and confocal microscopy.

Clinical Interest

Autoimmune nephritis, cell fate of fibroblasts, and fluid and electrolyte disorders


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