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Harold N. (Bo)  Lovvorn, III

Harold N. (Bo) Lovvorn, III, M.D.

Associate Professor of Pediatric Surgery
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

  • M.D., University of Tennessee Center for Health Science, Memphis, Tennessee (1993)
  • B.S., Duke University, Durham, North Carolina (1987)
Research Description

Research includes the study of Wilms' tumorigenesis that will hopefully lead to applicable lessons to embyonal tumorigenesis in general. The laboratory as a whole studies the transcriptional programs that regulate the mesenchymal-to-epithelial conversion of the developing kidney.Because Wilms' tumors are thought to arise from altered regulation of this conversion process, an event essential for progenitor cell differentiation and normal morphogenesis, it is the hope to gain a better understanding of how these normal nephrogenic events must fail and give rise to the persistence and expansion of the metanephric blastema in the development of Wilms' tumor.

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