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Murray J. Mazer, M.D.

Associate Professor

  • Erb RE, Stein SM, Mazer MJ, Nance EP. Blunt traumatic aortic injury in children. Emergency Radiology. 1994; Volume 1: 5:215-220.
  • Lind CD, Malisch TW, Chong WK, Richards WO, Pinson CW, Meranze SG, Mazer MJ. Liver, pancreas and biliary tract: Incidence of shunt occlusion or stenosis following transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt placement. Gastroenterology. 1994; 106.
  • Worrell JA, Carroll FE, Don CJ, Loyd JE, Moore DE, Parker RE, Mazer MJ. Hydrostatic pulmonary edema in sheep: effects of bronchial artery embolization on the plain chest radiograph. Investigative Radiology. 192: 27:No.12.