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Stephen A.  Strickland, Jr.

Stephen A. Strickland, Jr., M.D., MSCI

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology/Oncology)

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    Physicians: 1-877-936-8422
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    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    1301 Medical Center Drive, 3903 The Vanderbilt Clinic
    Nashville, TN 37232-5505

    Vanderbilt University Medical Center
    1301 Medical Center Drive, 3927 The Vanderbilt Clinic
    Nashville, TN 37232-5505

Dr. Strickland is an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Hematology/Oncology. After receiving his B.S. in Zoology at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, he attended Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida, where he obtained an Biomedical Sciences. Following graduate school, he attended medical school at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. Dr. Strickland then completed his Internal Medicine Residency and Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He is a graduate of the Master of Science in Clinical Investigation Program at Vanderbilt.

Dr. Strickland's research interests revolve around translational research and early phase clincal trials for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia and myelodysplastic syndrome.

Dr. Strickland is an active member of the American Society of Hematology and the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

  • Louisiana State University, B.S. (Zoology), 1995
  • Barry University, M.S. (Biomedical Sciences), 1996
  • Louisiana State University School of Medicine, M.D., 2002
  • Internship/Residency - Internal Medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2005
  • Fellowship - Hematology/Oncology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, 2008
  • Master of Science in Clinical Investigation, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 2009
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