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Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer CenterVanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center


Tadashi Inagami, Ph.D.


Contact Information:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
663 Light Hall
Nashville, TN 37232-0146

Research Specialty

Molecular biology of cardiovascular regulation and vasoactive substances

Research Description

Tadashi Inagami's research is focused on molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in pathobiology of vascular, cardiac and renal tissues and cells. Studies encompass the mechanism of generation and release of vasoactive substance, their receptors, and signal transduction pathways. The vasoactive substances include; angiotensin, PDGF, endothelin and Na, K-ATPase inhibitors. The search for hypertensinogenic genes in genetically hypertensive rats is actively conducted using recombinant techniques.

Angiotensin II receptors have been cloned, several different receptor subtypes are being cloned, and different and possible hitherto unknown signaling mechanisms are being looked for. Unique signaling mechanisms in vascular and renal cells from genetically hypertensive rats are investigated focusing on the abnormalities in plasma membrane lipid metabolism.

Studies on the mechanism of crosstalk between the G-protein coupled angiotensin II receptors and tyrosine kinase receptors revealed that the former borrows epidermal growth factor receptor in the activation of mitogen activated protein kinase.