Vanderbilt Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Registry


  • Duveen Sturgeon
    Duveen Sturgeon is an Registered Nurse with a special interest in cancer genetics. Duveen completed her nursing education in Canada and attended cancer genetic programs at City of Hope in California and Fox Chase Comprehensive Cancer Center in Pennsylvannia. Since moving to the United States in 1996 she has held a number of different positions related to cancer genetics and research. Duveen joined Vanderbilt in 2003 and prior to starting with the Vanderbilt Hereditary Colorectal Cancer was a research nurse with the Clinical Trials Office.

    Office Telephone: 615-322-1590
    Toll Free: 800-340-7752
  • Paul E. Wise, MD
    Paul E. Wise, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery at Vanderbilt and an American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery certified Colon and Rectal surgeon, is the medical director for the Vanderbilt Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Registry.

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