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Jim Ayers Institute for Precancer Detection and Diagnosis




The Ayers Institute was established to develop new diagnostic tests to detect cancer in its earliest stages, when treatment is most effective. Established on July 1, 2005 with a gift from Mr. Jim Ayers, the Ayers Institute applies new proteomics technologies to identify protein biomarkers for cancer. Vanderbilt is recognized worldwide for leadership in proteomics technologies. The Ayers Institute brings together a research team spanning basic and clinical research disciplines to advance the science behind new diagnostics to save lives and prevent suffering due to cancer.

The objectives of the Ayers Institute are

  • To detect cancers and precancers at their earliest stages

  • To develop diagnostic tests to assess prognosis for cancers and to predict responses to cancer treatment

  • To advance the science and technology of cancer detection and diagnosis

The initial focus of the Ayers Institute is on colorectal cancer. As progress and opportunities allow, the focus will expand to apply the same technologies and approaches to other cancers.