Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Supporting Tool Suite for Production Proteomics

File Collector


The File Collector tool enables batch copying search results and spectral files, created by ScanSifter and the Cluster, from file servers to a local computer or network drives. Filters such as file type or file name are enabled. A configuration file is used to specify the source file locations and types. Also, network resources are not required to be mounted as drive letters as the system supports UNC paths.


 A Windows 2000 or higher PC


Installation Instructions


 Run the setup and choose the installation path.

 Edit the Source directories in Program Dir\Filecollector\Filecollector.exe.config

 Edit the file types and extensions in Program Dir\Filecollector\TargetFileConfig



Full installation details can be obtained in the FileCollector directory in the distribution package or here, including step-by-step installation screen shots.