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Nashville Lung Cancer Screening Trial

If you have a high risk of lung cancer and are between the ages of 55-80 or have a significant smoking history, we encourage you to participate in a lung cancer screening trial. The purpose of the screening trial is to test established and possible early detection screening tools. Individuals who enroll will be offered a series of screening tests, which includes a lung function test and CT scan (X-ray imaging) of the chest. Patients will also be asked for blood or urine samples.

Dr. Pierre Massion, the clinical trial's principal investigator, and team will help determine those who are at greatest risk for developing lung cancer and enroll them into the screening program. The team hopes to develop a proven test to determine who is at greater risk for lung cancer as well as allow providers to screen the people who need it the most.

Detecting Lung Cancer Early

This is a clinical study funded by the Early Detection Research Network (NCI) as part of the activity of the Clinical Validation Center awarded to Dr. P. Massion in October 2010.

Read an interview from Dr. Massion about the Nashville Lung Cancer Screening Trial.

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