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Should I Get A Second Opinion?


Because what you do first can make a difference in your outcome or quality of life, any cancer diagnosis deserves a second opinion. This is especially true if you have a particularly rare or aggressive type of cancer or if your physician tells you that there are no life-saving options available to you.

A second opinion is important because it may suggest other important directions to consider. Equally important, a second opinion may confirm your initial approach. In any case, getting a second opinion can provide greater peace of mind for you and your family.

Getting a second opinion is increasingly common, and it is your right as a patient. In fact, many insurance plans require a second opinion (you should check your own plan about its requirements and coverage for second opinions). Getting a second opinion is not a reflection of whether you like or trust your physician or treatment team. Your physician is likely to encourage your decision to seek a second opinion – in fact, experts say if a doctor discourages getting a second opinion, that's even more reason to seek another opinion.

To arrange for a second opinion consultation at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, call us at 800-811-8480. Our team of experienced oncology nurses will help arrange a second opinion appointment for you and will explain and help you access the information and records you need to bring with you.

Coming to us for a second opinion in no way obligates you to receive your care at Vanderbilt-Ingram. If choose to receive your care at Vanderbilt-Ingram -- or if we can assist you in finding the best care closer to home -- we are happy to be a resource for you.