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Peter E. Clark, M.D.

Associate Professor of Urologic Surgery
Program Director, Department of Urologic Surgery
VICC Member
Urologic Oncologist

Patient Contact Information:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Urologic Surgery<br />3823 The Vanderbilt Clinic
Nashville, TN 37232-5770
Appointments: 615-322-2880
Further Information: 1-800-811-8480
Fax: 615-343-9815

Nashville Veterans Affairs Medical Center
1310 24th Ave. South
Nashville , TN 37212-2637
Phone: 615-327-4751
Fax: 615-873-7901

Healthcare Provider Contact Information:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Department of Urologic Surgery
A-1302 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232-2765
Fax: 615-322-8990


My primary clinical interest is the surgical managementof genitourinary malignancies including cancer of kidney,bladder, prostate, testicle, and penis. My research interests arein the mechanisms of apoptosis in cancers of genitourinary tractand in particular the kidney and bladder.

Research Specialty:

Urologic Oncology and Molecular Biology of Kidney Cancer



  • B.A. Cornell University, Ithaca NY, 1989
  • M.D. Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, 1994
  • Urologic Residency: The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland OH, 2000
  • Urologic Oncology Fellowship: The University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA, 2002

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