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Bioanalytics and Proteomics Shared Resource



The Bioanalytics and Proteomics Shared Resource provides unique and comprehensive mass spectrometry services to the VICC research community via state-of-the-art instrumentation in a cost-effective manner.

  • Mass Spectrometry Core
    The Mass Spectrometry Core Laboratory Provides instrumentation for structural analysis of biological molecules and qualitative and quantitative assays of chemotherapeutic agents and metabolites in physiological fluids. The instrumentation facilities consist of a variety of mass spectrometric and highpressure liquid chromatographic systems.

  • Proteomics Core
    The Proteomics Core provides stateoftheart instrumentation and expertise in analytical proteomics, proteome profiling, and imaging to Vanderbilt researchers. Instrumentation is available for protein and peptide separations by 2Dgel electrophoresis and multidimensional high performance liquid chromatography (LC). Proteins and peptides of interest are processed and subjected to mass spectral (MS) analysis, and protein identifications are made based on a comparison of MS data with sequence information from genomic, protein, and EST databases. Proteome profiling and imaging in frozen tissue sections are done by matrixassisted laser desorption ionizationtime of flight (MALDITOF) MS. Proteomics Laboratory staff provide consultation on experimental design and sample preparation.

  • Tissue Protein/Profiling Core
    The Tissue Protein/Profiling Core offers a variety of services in order to determine the proteomic profiles of tissue, serum, and other biological fluids using MALDI mass spectrometry. Investigators work closely with Core personnel in order to design the experiment that will best answer the scientific questions being posed. The typical study involves examining protein changes between two experimental groups; e.g., control vs. diseased or treated vs. nontreated. The services offered by the Tissue/Serum Proteomics Core include tissue profiling, tissue imaging, 1D and 2D robotic biofluid fractionation and protein profiling, and multidimensional LC

    MS/MS “shotgun” proteomics analysis of biofluids and tissue homogenates. In addition, various biocomputational services are offered in conjunction with data acquisition, including biostatistical comparisons of sample groups and image processing.