Clinical Trials Shared Resource



  • Established in 1996, the Clinical Trials Shared Resource (CTSR) brings together critical human resources to ensure standardization of management of clinical trials.
  • Implemented clinical trial management system (Oncore)  2004
  • Disease site teams established in 2006
  • Leadership installed June, 2007
  • Established Resource Allocation Committee, Summer 2007 to facilitate high priority investigator initiated research not covered by PSRS
  • Organizational structure refined in 2007
  • Biospecimen Team established in 2008
  • Study Work-up Attack Team (SWAT) established 2009
  • Increased the percentage of staff that are ACRP or SOCRA certified (24% certified)
  • CTSR finances have been self sustaining in conjunction with CCSG support
  • Average time to open trials has gone from 8.8 mo. in 2006 to 5.5 mo. in 2009 (YTD)
  • Electronic Biospecimen Management tool implemented 2009

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