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Chemical Synthesis and High Throughput Analytics Shared Resource



The Chemical Synthesis and High-Throughput Analytics Shared Resource (CSHTASR) provides a full range of services, from utilization of equipment, to pilot assay development, to a full screen including hit validation/optimization. The combined technologies have revolutionized the process of drug and biological probe discovery used for the development of clinically useful therapeutics and diagnostics and for advancing basic biology and determining the functional roles of novel genes, proteins and signaling molecules. The increased availability of state-of-the-art HTS and CS technologies to VICC investigators will greatly enhance their ability to advance these therapeutic discovery efforts.

  • The Chemical Synthesis Core¬†supports the Vanderbilt community in all aspects of medicinal and organic synthesis. The primary focus of the core is to facilitate biologyorientated projects within the medical center and the university by assisting with the chemistry aspect of the project. The core works independently or in collaboration with the VICB High Throughput Screening Center on the synthesis of literaturecited compounds (including patented ones) as well as full scale lead optimization of a compound.

  • The High Throughput Screening Facility provides services for consultation in assay design and development, assay validation, highthroughput screening (HTS) and automated data analysis. Its compound collection can be accessed independently of screening, and the facility offers HTS compatible supplies for testing and validation. Training services are also provided to allow for walkup use of stateofthe art instrumentation.