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Upon submission of a Project Application, the Director of the ITR will work with the investigator to develop a more comprehensive outline of experiments and budget to achieve the project goals. Distinct projects will need their own application forms even if they are from the same investigator.

The ITR has a proactive Advisory Board to accelerate investigator-initiated research. The ITR Advisory Board is comprised of VICC laboratory researchers and clinicians/physicians studying a wide-range of tumor types. Due to the increased demand on ITR resources, any proposal that requires >20% effort by ITR personnel will be reviewed by the ITR Advisory Board for project initiation/continuation in the ITR. If your proposal is not accepted, we will help you identify other resources to complete your project. That resource may be another investigator at Vanderbilt in your research area of interest.

You will be given periodic project status reports including methods, figures, future experiments, and budget updates when project milestones are reached. We want the investigators to be fully aware of the progress and advancements related to their projects. As a result, you will be able to analyze your results and share your data with collaborators before project completion.

Any questions should be directed to the ITR Director, Kimberly Dahlman, at