VICC Innovative Translational Research (ITR) Shared Resource

Project Application

The ITR is a cooperative "wet" lab that is designed to advance the translation of basic and clinical research into improved clinical therapies by facilitating clinical discoveries and managing laboratory and clinical data exchange between researchers.

As a cooperative laboratory, the ITR relies on investigator-initiated projects and principal investigator associated funding for those project(s). However, the facility and its personnel are wholly managed and operated by the VICC and the ITR Director. Although the ITR has some basic laboratory equipment, other needed equipment, supplies, and personnel effort related to your project must be funded by the investigator initiating the project(s). The ITR will acquire the needed expertise, instrumentation, and utilize our Shared Resources to complete the experimental studies. Depending on the scope of work, publications that incorporate data generated in the lab should have relevant ITR personnel listed as a co-author and/or acknowledged appropriately.

Upon submission of this application, the Director of the ITR will work with the investigator to develop a more comprehensive outline of experiments and budget to achieve the project goals.

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