Innovative Translational Research Shared Resource

The mission of the Innovative Translational Research Shared Resource (ITR) is to advance the translation of basic and clinical research into improved clinical therapies by facilitating clinical discoveries and managing laboratory and clinical data exchange between researchers.

The ITR has partnered with the Personalized Cancer Medicine Initiative (PCMI) and the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) to characterize the molecular changes present in tumors. With a focus in clinical sample preparation and tumor genetic analyses, the ITR uses the most advanced laboratory techniques to uncover the genetic "uniqueness" of each patient's tumor for research. This knowledge will lead to improved clinical therapies and a more personalized cancer care that will save lives and improve patient outcomes.

The ITR gives scientific and technical assistance to clinical and laboratory researchers interested in experimentation using human tumor tissues or cell lines. In addition to our expertise in genetic analyses, the ITR is also interested in partnering with clinical investigators to study clinical phenotypes in a research laboratory. These studies are tailored to the needs of the clinical investigator.

Chart of the Translational Research

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