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Shared Resource Services

The ITR is fully equipped for sample storage, molecular genetics and biochemistry laboratory experimentation, and cell culture. Our most popular services are available through the C.O.R.E.S. ordering system.

Since our laboratory services are tailored to each project, many of the services we provide are not listed in C.O.R.E.S. Please contact the ITR Director, Kimberly Dahlman, for details (

General ITR Services:

  • Guide the initiation of Phase I and Phase II clinical correlative studies
  • Manage the completion of Phase I and Phase II correlative studies utilizing Vanderbilt Shared Resources or outside resources where applicable:
    • Cytokine assays – measure target inhibition, tumor response, and/or side effects
    • Genetic analyses – SNaPshot genotyping, sequencing, microarray, etc.
    • Proteomics – phosphorylation, biomarkers, etc.
  • Foster collaborations between clinicians and researchers to disseminate data from clinical correlative studies and/or clinician-initiated pre-clinical studies
  • Facilitate analyses of patient samples for research community and support collaborations with clinical investigators

Specific ITR Laboratory Services:

  • Lymphocyte enrichment from bone marrow or blood
  • Isolate DNA and RNA from blood, tumor samples, and/or cell lines and design/execute the following experiments (but not limited to):
    • SNaPshot genotyping and sizing assays
    • PCR and sequencing (design primers and analyze data)
    • Real-time PCR (design primers and analyze data)
    • Whole genome sequencing or transcriptome sequencing
    • Microarray
    • DNA methylation
    • Gene copy number
  • Protein analysis including mass spectrometry, western blotting, and immunoprecipitation
  • Custom studies including pre-clinical and tissue culture-based experiments
    (Subject to Advisory Board Review)