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Songs from the Heart

The Songs from the Heart is an annual joint venture of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Gilda’s Club Nashville.  This workshop consists of a two-evening interactive and instructional journey into the songwriting process.  Participants are taught how to write a song expressing their experience with cancer under the guidance of Tricia Walker.  The concert showcases the fruits of the participants’ labor --honoring cancer survivors, family members and professional caregivers in song.


2008 Concert Highlights

“Great songs happen when songwriters seek to find the courage to be vulnerable in exposing their deepest feelings on the page.  Such fragile and important ideas need to be nurtured in a safe environment in order to come to fruition,” says Tricia.  That very thing has taken place in the workshop, and continues to be a great experience between the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Gilda’s Club Nashville.


Behind the Scenes

The Songs from the Heart songwriting workshop and concert is a testimony of the power of music.  The songs written by participants may never make the Top 40 on radio, but they stand a good chance of encouraging both the writer and listener to try harder, to laugh louder and to lover deeper no matter the circumstances.  It is a privilege to be part of something that offers so deep a meaning to both myself and the participants.  Like they say in Nashville, “It all begins with a song.”


Watch the Concert

For more information about Songs from the Heart, please contact the VICC Patient Support Office at 615-322-7459.