The SPORE in Breast Cancer: Research: Cores

Administration and Outreach Core

The Administration & Outreach Core supports SPORE projects and investigators by managing SPORE resources, communication and outreach, including fostering interaction among SPORE components and collaborators, other SPOREs, the patient and advocate community and the NCI. This management and support is accomplished through a series of oversight committees and organized administrative and scientific meetings of SPORE investigators, institutional representatives and external advisors. Specific functions of the Core include:

  1. To monitor and manage financial resources
  2. To create and prepare documents and reports to insure compliance with federal regulations and reporting requirements
  3. To administer the Developmental Research (pilot project) and Career Development Programs
  4. To organize all meetings, seminars, and travel related to Breast Cancer SPORE activities
  5. To serve as a point of contact to all Cancer Center fund-raising related activities focused in breast cancer
  6. To serve as a main point of contact to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies

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