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Clinical Core

Specific Aims

  1. Translate the latest mechanism-based insights into well-designed clinical trials. One of the main strengths of the clinical activities of the SPORE has been the ability to build on important pre-clinical and clinical observations from Vanderbilt investigators in the last grant period, and use these as rationale for designing the clinical trials proposed in this competing renewal.
  2. Streamline human sample collection in these clinical trials. The current clinical trials structure within the VICC Breast Cancer Program has established streamlined procedures for specimen collection; close collaboration with Pathology and Tissue Informatics Core is instrumental for coordinating this.
  3. Minimize delays in protocol activation and promote timely completion of SPORE clinical trials.
  4. Ensure safety of research subjects, adherence to institutional and federal regulatory
  5. Provide the expertise and manpower to develop, implement, manage and monitor all Breast SPORE clinical trials.