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Developmental Research

In an effort to promote excellent translational research in breast cancer, the Developmental Research Program (DRP) is a major focus of this Breast SPORE. The support of pilot projects allows early, high-risk research to move solid basic science findings toward clinical application, as well as the migration of provocative clinical observations back to the laboratory in order to understand their mechanistic basis. Main criteria for selection and funding of developmental (pilot) projects include scientific merit, relevance to mammary biology and/or breast cancer, collaboration and potential for extramural peer-reviewed funding. There also is an emphasis on utilization of emerging technologies and on young investigators. During the current cycle and with generous institutional funds to supplement the Breast SPORE budget, we have allocated $200,000 per year to support 21 pilot projects. This investment has resulted in at least seven R01, R01 equivalent or K-type grants for a combined budget well in excess of the investment made in the DRP. In addition, data generated by three DRP projects have been highly supportive of at least three multi-investigator, P50-type or consortia type grants The DRP has also produced at least 19 peer-reviewed published manuscripts. Four investigators funded by the DRP during the last cycle are now project co-Leaders and/or core Directors in this competing renewal application. Specific Aims of the DRP are:

  1. To continue to support junior and established investigators conducting high-risk, innovative research applicable to breast cancer

  2. To support mechanistic investigation in the laboratory of provocative clinical observations

  3. To support progression of DRP projects to extramural funding and peer-reviewed publications

  4. To focus on emerging technologies and approaches applicable to translational research in breast cancer