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Project 1: Inhibition of PI3 kinase as a strategy to abrogate antiestrogen resistance in breast cancer 

  • Carlos L. Arteaga, MD, Principal Investigator
  • Ingrid A. Mayer, MD, Project Co-Leader

Project 2: Strategies to improve outcomes for triple negative breast cancer patients involving subtype-specific targeted therapies and genomic discovery 

  • Jennifer Pietenpol, PhD., Project Leader
  • Vandana Abramson, MD, Project Co-Leader

Project 3: Mcl-1 inhibitors for the treatment of breast cancer 

  • Rebecca Cook, PhD, Project Co-Leader 
  • Stephen Fesik, PhD, Project Co-Leader 
  • Melinda Sanders, MD, Project Co-Leader

Project 4: The obesity-metabolic biomarker axis and breast cancer risk 

  • William Blot, PhD, Project Co-Leader 
  • Loren Lipworth, ScD, Project Co-Leader 
  • Wei Zheng, MD, PhD, Project Co-Leader