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Physician Referral Guide

To make a referral, your staff will need the following information: patient’s name, address, telephone, date of birth, SSN, insurance, current medical problem and diagnosis.

Additional information that will be needed at the time of consultation are: pathology report, chemotherapy records, medical record number if an inpatient, dates/places of previous surgery pertaining to the diagnosis and OR reports, dates/places of previous radiation therapy if applicable, copy of your consultation and any other records pertaining to diagnosis and treatment such as lab work, diagnostic studies, cytology reports, etc. All of this information may be faxed after your staff has scheduled the consultation for your convenience.

An appointment for consultation will be made to accommodate the patient’s schedule. If your patient is admitted to Williamson Medical Center, the Radiation Oncologist will consult with the patient at the hospital.

If coming from out of town, patients may be asked to bring diagnostic studies for review by the Radiation Oncologist during the consultation.

Simulation and Treatment

Once a patient has consulted with the Radiation Oncologist and consent has been obtained, CT simulation for treatment will be required in order to proceed.

If the schedule allows, simulations may be performed on the same day as the consultation if the patient so desires. These are scheduled during 1 hour time slots. Those patients in need of emergency treatments will be simulated and treated on the same day as the consultation as agreed upon by the Referring Physician and Radiation Oncologist.

A Registered Nurse will visit with each patient prior to initiation of radiation therapy and provide the patient with diagnosis-specific information pertaining to their treatments, as well as required nutrition during this time.

Daily treatments will be performed using a Linear Accelerator or ‘Linac’. A Registered Radiation Therapist will perform the treatments in accordance with the Radiation Oncologist’s treatment plan. Each plan will be customized to meet the patient’s present needs. If possible, IMRT treatment will be utilized. All radiation therapy treatments are provided in a sophisticated manner and an aesthetically soothing atmosphere.

All radiation treatment planning is performed by an on–site Certified Medical Dosimetrist. In addition, every treatment plan is checked for accuracy by a Medical Physicist prior to the initiation of radiation therapy.

During the course of treatment, the Radiation Oncologist will be reviewing each patient’s treatments to insure proper care. In addition, the RN will keep a plan of care record on each patient to aid the Radiation Oncologist in the patient’s tolerance of treatments.

The Radiation Oncologist will visit with each patient during his/her treatments to answer any questions he/she might have during treatment and to evaluate progress.

You will be provided with copies of each patient’s consultation, as well as an update on progress during treatment, an end of treatment summary, and all follow-up reports. Abrupt changes in your patient’s condition will be conveyed to you by the Radiation Oncologist.

If at any time you have any questions regarding radiation treatments, processes or require information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Additionally, you and your office staff are invited to visit our facility firsthand for a personal tour.