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Meet the VICC Ambassadors

Learn why we have joined VICC Ambassadors and how you can help us achieve Victory Over Cancer. 

Stephania Byrne

Stephania Byrne

Cancer had never directly impacted my family, and I had inkling we were lucky for it. Working with multiple pharma companies to help put drugs to market had given me what I thought was a thorough appreciation for all the possible treatments and facets of diseases. On a daily basis I interact with the clinical operations part of pharma, essentially what is ushering the drug through sometimes a worldwide trial to verify efficacy and submitting the paperwork to the FDA for approval.

However, when my aunt was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, suddenly I gained a much different perspective. I had helped with the trials for multiple medications for various indications, including oncology. However seeing her peel off her immune boosting injector patch from her bony hip after a round of chemo, I suddenly gained a new appreciation of all the drugs I had only ever seen on paper, especially their origin.

Before a drug can come to have pharma or NIH funding it is just an idea. With health care and research and design being so volatile right now, it is important to continue to support the early ideas of our researchers. Please continue to help us do so, every contribution is truly appreciated.