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Shrubsole, Martha

Targeted Therapy Directed by Genetic Testing in Treating Pediatric Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Advanced Solid Tumors, Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas, or Histiocytic Disorders (The Pediatric MATCH Screening Trial)

Multiple Cancer Types

This Pediatric MATCH screening and multi-sub-study phase II trial studies how well treatment that is directed by genetic testing works in pediatric patients with solid tumors, non-Hodgkin lymphomas, or histiocytic disorders that have progressed following at least one line of standard systemic therapy and / or for which no standard treatment exists that has been shown to prolong survival. Genetic tests look at the unique genetic material (genes) of patients' tumor cells. Patients with genetic changes or abnormalities (mutations) may benefit more from treatment which targets their tumor's particular genetic mutation, and may help doctors plan better treatment for patients with solid tumors or non-Hodgkin lymphomas.
Lymphoma, Miscellaneous, Pediatric Solid Tumors
Borinstein, Scott

WAPPS- Hemo (Web Accessible Population Pharmacokinetics Service - Hemophilia)
Protocol ? Phase 2: Testing and Validation

Not Available
Wheeler, Allison

Optimization of Cancer Therapy Using Immune Effector Cells


Oluwole, Olalekan

Islet Cell and ST2 Axis Dysregulation in Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus

Not Available
Engelhardt, Brian

Web-Based Physical Activity Intervention in Improving Long Term Health in Children and Adolescents with Cancer

Multiple Cancer Types

This randomized clinical trial studies how well web-based physical activity intervention works in improving long term health in children and adolescents with cancer. Regular physical activity after receiving treatment for cancer may help to maintain a healthy weight and improve energy levels and overall health.
Pediatric Leukemia, Pediatrics
Esbenshade, Adam

Late Effects after Treatment in Patients with Previously Diagnosed High-Risk Neuroblastoma

Multiple Cancer Types

This research trial studies late effects after treatment in patients with previously diagnosed high-risk neuroblastoma. Studying late effects after treatment may help to decide which treatments for high-risk neuroblastoma are better tolerated with less side effects over time.
Neuroblastoma (Pediatrics), Pediatrics
Friedman, Debra

Integrated Telehealth or In-Person Palliative Care in Improving Quality of Life in Patients with Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

Multiple Cancer Types

This randomized clinical trial studies how well integrated telehealth or in-person palliative care works in improving quality of life in patients with non-small lung cancer that has spread to other places in the body. Early involvement in palliative care may lesson many of the distressing physical and emotional symptoms and help patients and their families cope with serious illness as well as improve patients’ and their loved ones’ experience with cancer. Integrated telehealth palliative care involves patients meeting with palliative care clinicians using secure video-conferencing technology. It is not yet known whether giving integrated telehealth or in-person palliative care works better for patients and their families in improving quality of life.
Lung, Non Small Cell
Martin, Sara

Ketogenic Diet with Letrozole in Treating Patients with Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer


This early phase I trial studies how well ketogenic diet with letrozole works in treating patients with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer. Estrogen receptor positive breast cancer has special proteins on it, called estrogen receptors, that allow it to grow when exposed to estrogen. A ketogenic diet (low calorie, low carbohydrate) may help normalize abnormally high insulin levels that in turn may slow the growth of cancer cells. Letrozole may stop the growth of cancer cells by blocking some of the enzymes needed for cell growth.The purpose of this study is to learn if the combination of a 2 week ketogenic diet in combination with letrozole can help slow the growth of tumors.
Early I
Rexer, Brent

LIBERTI: Role of Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA) from LIquid Biopsy in Early Stage NSCLC Resected Lung Tumor Investigation

Multiple Cancer Types

Lung, Non Small Cell, Phase I
Massion, Pierre

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