Other Key Telephone Numbers

Additional Adult Cancer Phone Numbers
Brain Tumors, Nerve and Related Cancers (Neurology)
Adult Medical Appointments
Brain Tumors, Nerve and Related Cancers (Neurology)
Adult Surgical Appointments
Breast Center 615-322-2064
Colorectal Cancers 615-343-4612
Dermatology Department 615-322-0845
Head and Neck Cancers, Adult Surgical Appointments 615-322-6180
Liver & Hepatobiliary Cancers (Liver Transplant) 615-936-0420
Prostate Center, Urinary Tract & Related Cancers (Urology)
Adult Surgical Appointments
Radiation Oncology Department 615-322-2555
Thoracic Surgery Department 615-322-0064

VICC Area Offices
Gateway-Vanderbilt Cancer Treatment Center, Clarksville 931-221-0479
VICC Cool Springs (Medical Oncology) 615-936-VICC (8422)
1-877-936-VICC (8422)
Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, Franklin (Radiation Oncology) 615-591-9890

Pediatric/Childhood Cancer Phone Numbers
Pediatric/Childhood Cancer Main Number 615-936-1762
Pediatric Patient Resource Center 615-936-2558

Hospital Billing 615-936-0910
Physician Billing 615-936-0487
Financial Counselor 615-322-0675

Cancer Center Administration
Administration 615-936-1782
Cancer Center Director 615-936-1782
Cancer Center Deputy Director 615-343-9454
Cancer Registry 615-936-2282
Clinical Programs Director 615-322-2363
Communications (including Marketing) 615-936-5711
Fundraising Director 615-936-0233
Media Relations 615-936-7245
Research Programs Director 615-373-7328
Patient & Community Education Director 615-936-1793

Other Numbers

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